video gallery

A few examples of short films made with community groups and arts organisations. These examples demonstrate a wide approach to filmmaking, from participatory filmmaking projects to dance for camera projects, from animated sequences to information films. Some of these films, such as ‘Lightstream’ (a theatrical production produced specifically for young children) also offer an insight into a participatory process that has been developed through many years of delivering digital film and media work with the community.

This selection includes, amongst others:

Wild Art – a film to accompany the current exhibition at The Museum of Somerset, on show until Dec 2016

Fantastical Feats – animated sequences to accompany a computer game commissioned by Pavillion Dance

‘The Journey’ – a beautiful animation made by children at Musgrove Park Hospital, children were able to produce animated sequences in their hospital beds using iPads, commissioned by Art For Life

‘Light stream’ an insight into a digitally interactive children’s theatre piece, commissioned by Take Art