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Landance commissions dance, visual, sound and light artists to collaborate on performance projects in outstanding landscapes across the south west. Locations have included: Eggardon Hill, Castle Neroche, Woodbury Castle and Quarts Moor.

This film compilation features excerpts of dance for camera pieces produced over a five year period and demonstrates collaborations with visual artists, dancers and choreographers.

Triptych, commissioned by Art for Life

This project provided an opportunity for young people in South Petherton to research the history of their locality and, in response, design an artwork for installation in the brand new South Petherton Community Hospital.

Participants delved deep into the archives and found fascinating old maps, documents and photographs that form part of a montage of images now on permanent display in the hospital.

Not only did the participants learn about the history of their town they learnt digital design and Photoshop skills too!

South Petherton Infants

Children from South Petherton Infants produced an amazing film about their school and town. In this short film the children take you on a tour of local shops, the church, special areas at school and you get to meet the teachers too! 

The film is a great example of children working to produce (not just feature in) creative promotional material for their school.

Alfred the Mouse

A website to support families of children making the move to primary school, commissioned by Take Art. An innovative new project supporting early years with their big move up to primary school

We worked with 30 primary schools in the Taunton Deane area to produce 360 degree panorama images of the learning areas for the Reception year. These panorama’s, plus photographs of key areas (the cloakroom, the dining hall, the reading corner etc.) are now presented within the website If you look carefully you will spot Alfred the Mouse in each picture!

“The move from pre-school to primary can be a bit daunting, so I am here to help children find their feet as they move on”

Alfred the Mouse

Lifelines – The New Stone Age on Mendip

This project made use of photography, video, spoken word recordings, animation and digital image making. Participants involved went beyond creating a ‘record’ of the walls, using the opportunity to create inventive and beautiful artworks. All of the participants went out on location to see, feel, listen and photograph the walls.

Digital compositions entitled ‘CONSTRUCY-ENCLOSE’ formed the centre-piece of the digital element of the Lifelines project. These images, reproduced as large scale banners, reveal the multitude of textures, colours and shapes and demonstrate the walls as natural habitats for wildlife and their uniqueness to Mendip.

A project commissioned by Mendip Hills AONB.

Digital compositions entitled ‘CONSTRUCT – ENCLOSE’