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In the footsteps of the Camden Town Group

Working, once again, with The South West Heritage Trust on the production of a video installation to accompany the forthcoming exhibition at The Museum of Somerset: A Fragile Beauty: Art on the Blackdown Hills 1909 to 1925. An exhibition of works by the Camden Town Group.

The video sequence in production is inspired by the same landscape captured by the Camden Town Group. The aim is to record the sights and sounds of the landscape as winter passes and the first signs of Spring emerge. Whilst setting up my camera and tripod to document the view I imagined Robert Bevan preparing his easel and pallet of green and purple hues.

Exhibition Opens Saturday 25 March. More

Grace & Growl, contemporary dance for older adults

A Dance for Camera film is in production! This is a collaborative project with acclaimed dance practitioner Anna Golding and the Grace & Growl dance company.

The film follows the story of one woman determined put a spring in her step. Her day is full of dance as: daily domestic routines such as washing the dishes become lovely choreographed moments, a walk through the town is infused with rhythm and movement and even a visit to the cafe becomes a work of dance theatre. As she walks through her home town of Bridport she picks up other residents along the way as the dance becomes infectious.

The film will step out into the world May this year.